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Authors are requested to submit their abstracts and papers using the ICOTEM 2023 Peer Review and Submission Management System.

All presented papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings. After the conference, selected papers will be recommended for possible publication in special issues of some scientific journals. Note that they will be reviewed based on journal regulations.

To submit an abstract:

  1. Access the ICOTEM 2023 Peer Review and Submission Management System:
  2. Click Make Submission to access the Submission page.
  3. Make sure you consent to the collection and use of your personal information.
  4. In the Submission Title, enter the title of the paper.
  5. Enter the required information for each Author(s). If the paper has more than three authors, click Add Author.
  6. Optionally, you may include an Alternate Contact, such as your personal email address or your telephone number, which will be used only if we are unable to contact you using the email address specified in the section Author(s).
  7. In the Topic Areas section, select at least one of the options. Check the CFP & Technical Tracks for the available technical tracks.
  8. In the Content section, enter the Keywords (separated by a comma; example: Lean production, Lean tools) and the Abstract. The Abstract should contain between 150 and 300 words (you can use Word Count in Microsoft Word). The Abstract should briefly state the purpose of the research, research objectives, key methods, main findings, and major conclusions.
  9. In the Password section, enter a password and re-enter the same password. The submission ID, which you will receive via email upon submission of the form, along with this password will allow you to make future changes to this submission.
  10. You may enter optional comments in the Comments section.

To submit the paper:

Please note that to preserve author anonymity, the initial version of the paper should not contain author names and affiliations.

  1. Access the ICOTEM 2023 Peer Review and Submission Management System:
  2. In the Authors menu, click Upload File.
  3. Enter the Submission ID you received via email upon submission of the abstract and the Password chosen when you submitted the abstract.
  4. Click the Browse… button and select the pdf file.
  5. Click the Upload File button.

The ICOTEM 2023 Submission Management System also allows you to edit any of the details associated with your submission (e.g., author, title, abstract) using Edit Submission or view the submitted paper using View File. You can also withdraw your submission using Withdraw Submission and check the peer review process status using Check Status. You can access all these options by entering the Submission ID and Password.